alito is love. alito is life

i'm planty, i go by he/his pronouns, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna fuck every single zexal character at this point ngl i'm just that thirsty

Amazing bastards you should check out

k i’m gonna be gone to the bookstore for a few hours and then i’ll be back to break my heart even more

shingetsu hurts me deep inside but i still love him so much pls slap me before things get worse

Didn't you just hope that nothing bad would happen? Ha. You were on 86. Now I just wait for you to reach 88. You're slowly approaching the danger zone.
singinplant singinplant Said:

i just finished 88 

i wanna believe shingetsu so much. i really really do. i’m gonna pretend that he isn’t lying and that he’s still super sweet and


shingetsu did WHAT

i’m about to watch episode 86

i’m about to watch episode 86

Wait so are your favourite characters actually III, Alit, and Shingetsu? Cause Arc 6 is gonna be PAINFUL(ly fun for me to watch your reactions)
singinplant singinplant Said:

oh no
ohhhhhhh nooooo

i’m SO not ready for this but i don’t really have much of a choice
so i just gotta
keep. watching. and hope nothing bad happens in the next episode or two.

Asker bekutaa Asks:
III isn't gonna be happy for long but at least he and Yuma are friends. Hahahhahaha ep 126 why
singinplant singinplant Said:

nononono III will be happy forever. and so will the rest of his family. and he’ll be friends with yuma forever. III doesn’t deserve to suffer

i’m gonna watch another episode or two of zexal II and then i’m sleeping goodnight everyone i love you





what the fuck did you do mr. egbert?!

according to Homestuck Book 3’s commentary, he was at the circus with John when he saw a really hairy man and couldn’t resist the urge to whip out the shaving cream

oh my god

why the fuck is this popular. no fuck you guys

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